30/11/17 |

Aura Fuels Australia Momentum with Seccom Global Channel Partner Appointment

Aura Information Security, a subsidiary of mission-critical technology solutions provider Kordia, today announced that Seccom Global – Australia’s leading managed security service provider – has signed on as the company’s first channel partner in Australia for its RedShield web-application shielding service.

Under the agreement, Seccom Global will offer RedShield services to new and existing customers enabling the managed security services provider to expand its suite of solutions to include a dedicated enterprise grade web-application shielding service.According to Michael Warnock, Country Manager at Aura Information Security, the partnership will be instrumental in helping to bring RedShield’s innovative approach to web-application security to a wider range of Australian businesses.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Seccom Global. They are a well-respected player in the security space and this new relationship will bring mutual value for both current and future customers; and will help increase targeted exposure and reputation for both companies.

“At the same time, Seccom Global’s current line-up of security solutions is a great complementary fit for RedShield. As customers demand cyber security service availability from their trusted providers, Seccom Global has successfully risen to the occasion with offering uniquely positioned solutions to drive the scalable and comprehensive protection that customers require for digital transformation. Together, there is an opportunity for us to develop strong synergies between our businesses.”

RedShield combines web-application shielding software with industry-leading cyber security services enabling organisations to protect their critical web applications while fixing known vulnerabilities as time and resources allow. Known flaws are shielded faster thanks to RedShield’s global shield library of almost 7,000 shields, which is managed and optimised by a team of global security experts.

As all app-destined traffic is rerouted through the RedShield global shield network, proprietary vulnerability matching intelligence uses pen-test data to identify and deploy the right shields to block attacks without false positives.

Over the past three years, RedShield has blocked more than 82 million attacks. In September 2017 alone, the company reported it had blocked a staggering 30 million attacks. And, because RedShield is able to correlate attacks to actual application vulnerabilities, the company knows these blocked attacks have directly helped to protect over 27 million individuals’ privacy and safety online.

According to Anita Sheridan-Roddick, Sales and Marketing Director at Seccom Global, the decision to add RedShield’s unique service to its product and service portfolio was a simple one.

“With a history of innovation and leading-edge support services, RedShield is a natural progression for us. This product is like nothing else on the market, it provides an intelligent, and almost immediate solution to malicious behaviours.

“As we grow it’s important that we not only continue to provide our clients with best of breed solutions, but also that we continue to adapt our business to meet our clients’ changing requirements. We see RedShield as a key partner in both our growth and our solutions,” she says.

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