Penetration Testing

A penetration test simulates an attack designed infiltrate your applications or networks.

Red Team Testing

A red team simulates an attack against your entire organisation, its staff, and users.

Secure Code Review

A secure code review identifies security issues and vulnerabilities introduced during development.

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing identifies issues with mobile devices, strategies, and apps used by your organisation.

Wi-Fi Testing

Wi-Fi testing identifies issues with wireless networking devices, strategies and solutions used by your organisation.

Virtual Security Officer

VSO's are consultants to aid or outsource your organisations CSO or CISO requirements.

Complete IT Programme

A CISP is our value-add master services agreement for bundling two or more of our services.

Incident Response

A full virtual CERT service for all incidents or attacks against your organisation

RedShield, Web Security as a Service.

Safeguard your applications and infrastructure from attacks.

Test Driven Vulnerability Mitigation

We target 100% mitigation of security issues found by vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and security reviews.

Complete DDoS Protection

Integrated protection from network, volumetric, and application DDoS attacks targeting OSI layers 3-7.

Integrated Vulnerability Scanning

Regular scanning of your websites and infrastructure to find security holes, and to validate issues have been remediation successfully.

Managed Web Application Firewall

receive real-time security alerts, and scanning and shielding results, through our easy to use customer portal.


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Across 3 countries

With a team of over 30 consultants in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Look no further for a reputable, trusted security partner.

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Consulting Practice Manager.
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Business Development Manager.

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