Make better cyber security decisions

In an interconnected world, virtually every business is reliant on data. However, it’s this reliance that puts them under constant risk of attack by cyber-criminals. Aura Information Security has been helping businesses fight back for more than 10 years. We work closely with our customers to secure their future by providing them with knowledge and support to make better security decisions.

Cyber-Attack Testing

Despite spending a significant portion of their IT budget on security, many businesses still fall victim to cyber-attacks. If you want to give your end-to-end security posture a real workout, using the same techniques often used by cyber-criminals and hackers.

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Defensive Security Services

In an ever-evolving threat landscape, many businesses simply don’t know where to start when it comes to cyber security. Aura Defensive Security combines a range of innovative solutions and is designed to help take the complexity and guesswork out of defending your business from cyber-attacks.

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Secure by Design

Security should be built-in, not tacked on at the end. IT project planning accounts for nothing if the end result is insecure, or results in a cost blow-out when security issues need to be remediated later.

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Education & Training

People can make a real difference to the security posture of your organisation. Arm your team with the knowledge that enables them to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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Our people

With teams based in various locations throughout New Zealand and Australia, our people are our best asset. All our consultants are hand-selected for their individual expertise to ensure we always maintain a high standard for our customers.



A holistic approach


Since our inception in 2006, our clients have benefited from our cost-effective, innovative and holistic approach to security. We take pride in ensuring our customers’ information and technology systems are secure and attack-ready.




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