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Philippe Langlois



Find out more about this year's 31c0n conference speakers Read More…

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New Year, New Announcement

Five more speakers have been added to the line-up for 31c0n, New Zealand’s newest cyber security conference taking place in February 2017. Read More…

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31c0n Cyber Security Conference

In February 2017, Aura Information Security will host the first ever 31c0n cyber security conference. The event will see some of the world’s most respected cyber security researchers and speakers gather right here in New Zealand for a period of 48 hours. For more information, or to buy tickets, click here. To keep up-to-date follow @31c0n on Twitter. Read More…

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International Cyber Security Expert Joins Aura InfoSec

Aura InfoSec has appointed leading Cyber Security and Information Warfare expert Paul W. Poteete to the position of Principal Consultant (Virtual Security Officer). Read More…

Sai Honig


Can you see into your cloud?

In real estate, the most important word is “location”. When it comes to cloud technologies, perhaps the most important word is “visibility”. You cannot protect what you cannot see and in the case of cloud, visibility is often (for lack of a better word) – “cloudy”.
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Sai Honig


People, Process and Technology in Cloud Security

There has been much written about the transformation occurring with the use of cloud technology. Words such as “revolutionary”, “game-changing” and “democratisation of technology” have all been used. Read More…

Sai Honig


Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

It is fair to say that most businesses today are heavily reliant on computer systems. Even if systems were to go down for a just short period of time, the impact on a business can range from financial loss to the worst possible scenario – loss of life. Read More…