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Creating an Incident Response Plan

Creating an Incident Response Plan

In any crisis, having a plan in place that addresses the ‘who, what, when, where, and why’ is essential – particularly in the event of a security breach. Read More…

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Frans Lategan

Frans Lategan joins Aura Information Security as Principal Consultant

Aura Information Security today announced it has appointed Frans Lategan as Principal Consultant in Aura’s Auckland office. Read More…


Russian Cybersecurity

Customer advice: Your business and the Russian cyber-attacks

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Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica: a timely reminder for corporate New Zealand

The furore over Facebook and its relationship with political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has yet to settle because it raises important questions for all businesses. Read More…


gap analysis

What does a gap analysis involve?

Two questions our customers often have when talking to us about their cyber security needs are: ‘Why should my business do a gap analysis?’ and ‘What does a gap analysis involve?’. Read More…



Why New Zealand Should Emulate Australia’s Mandatory Data Breach Laws

Cyber threats are expected to become more prevalent than ever in 2018; due to an increasingly connected world, the rise of the Internet of Things, and evolving business practices, among other factors. All evidence points to hackers getting smarter, and many security experts are predicting that we’re going to see even more cyber-attacks this year. But, what are we doing about it? Read More…



Are Your Web-app Security Defences Up (and Working)?

All too often we see examples of large scale data breaches making news headlines… and all too often those breaches are a direct result of unsecure web-applications. Read More…


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Here’s how to get your staff clued up on cyber security

While technology plays a big part in helping to defend businesses against cyber-attacks, the easiest target for cyber-criminals is often people. Read More…


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Why businesses need to design security into new solutions

Imagine trying to retrofit seatbelts, airbags, and crumple zones to the design of your car – sounds hard, doesn’t it? Read More…


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5 steps to kick-start your cyber security strategy in 2018

Knowing where to start when it comes to securing your business’ valuable data and assets can be somewhat bewildering. Read More…

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Here’s How To Get Your Staff Clued Up On Cyber Security

Last month's Cyber Smart Week, New Zealand’s cyber security awareness week, highlighted what your company should be doing to boost its defence against cyber threats. Read More…

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How Does Your Cyber Security Stack Up Against Other Kiwi Businesses?

Earlier this year, we began surveying over 220 business IT decision makers from organisations across New Zealand (with 20+ employees) about their cyber security posture. Read More…

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Aura Fuels Australia Momentum with Seccom Global Channel Partner Appointment

Aura Information Security, a subsidiary of mission-critical technology solutions provider Kordia, today announced that Seccom Global – Australia’s leading managed security service provider – has signed on as the company’s first channel partner in Australia for its RedShield web-application shielding service. Read More…


isAnz security brief

Aura Wins Best Security Company

Aura Information Security is delighted to announce it has been named Best Security Company at the 2017 iSANZ Awards. Read More…

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Why Culture is Key to Effective Cyber Security?

Cyber security is like a chain. The strength of your defences are often measured by the weakest link and in most cases this link is people. Human error, oversight – or plain old gullibility – are a hacker’s dream. But, by establishing a pervasive cyber security culture this weak link can be hardened, heading off a good proportion of potentially successful malware attacks.
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New All of Government ICT Security & Related Services Panel

Aura InfoSec a Primary Supplier For All Five Categories

Aura Information Security has been named as a Primary supplier across all five categories of the newly formed All of Government ICT Security and Related Services (SRS) Panel. Read More…

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Are high profile ransomware attacks the new ‘normal’?

The recent high profile WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks not only shook up the global business world, they also signalled what could be a shift to the new ‘normal’ – that is where malware authors are setting out to achieve their goal, whether that be led by financial gain or the desire to cause widespread disruption – as fast as possible through massive coordinated attacks. Read More…

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What is Red Teaming?

In the world of cyber security, ‘Red Teaming’ is an exercise that is designed to benchmark an organisations’ security controls and processes, particularly around physical security (for example access to buildings and computers / data held within it), general security awareness of staff, network security, procedures, and monitoring.
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Why your staff are your biggest cyber security weakness

The cost of cybercrime to Kiwi businesses is estimated to be between $250-400 million each year. Add to this the fact that more than one hundred New Zealand companies are targeted by cyber-attacks every single day and you have a stark reminder of why it’s crucial for businesses to secure their data.  However, something that isn’t as widely known is the main cause of attacks – human error. Read More…

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CyberWise e-learning tool to help businesses reduce risk of cyber attack

Aura Information Security, a leading cyber security consultancy based in Wellington, today announced its e-learning programme – CyberWise – is now available to all businesses, regardless of size or set up. Read More…



A Kiwi take on Israel’s information security industry

By: Peter Bailey, General Manager at Aura Information Security Read More…

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Barry Brailey Joins Aura Information Security as Principal VSO

Aura Information Security today announced it has appointed seasoned cyber security expert Barry Brailey as Principal Virtual Security Officer (VSO), effective as of 17 July, 2017.
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NotPetya Update

Reputable anti-virus vendors have begun to release signature files capable of stopping and detecting this new variant. Read More…

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NotPetya Ransomware Attack: What You Need to Know and Do

A new strain of ransomware, known as ‘NotPetya’, has impacted individuals, private companies and public organisations including banks, airports and government organisations across Europe over the last 24 hours. Read More…

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WannaCry: What You Need to Know and Do

An international ransomware computer attack that uses a piece of malicious software, Read More…

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Aura Information Security’s Cyber Security Tips for World Password Day

May 4th marks World Password Day, a global initiative to raise awareness around password security. Read More…

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New e-learning tool to help NZ businesses reduce employee cyber risk

Leading information security provider, Aura Information Security, Read More…

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Aura Information Security Bolsters Leadership Team

Aura Information Security has appointed industry expert Tom Moore to the role of Practice Manager for its New Zealand and Australian operations. Read More…

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Find out more about this year's 31c0n conference speakers Read More…

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New Year, New Announcement

Five more speakers have been added to the line-up for 31c0n, New Zealand’s newest cyber security conference taking place in February 2017. Read More…

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31c0n Cyber Security Conference

In February 2017, Aura Information Security will host the first ever 31c0n cyber security conference. The event will see some of the world’s most respected cyber security researchers and speakers gather right here in New Zealand for a period of 48 hours. For more information, or to buy tickets, click here. To keep up-to-date follow @31c0n on Twitter. Read More…

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Can you see into your cloud?

In real estate, the most important word is “location”. When it comes to cloud technologies, perhaps the most important word is “visibility”. You cannot protect what you cannot see and in the case of cloud, visibility is often (for lack of a better word) – “cloudy”.
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People, Process and Technology in Cloud Security

There has been much written about the transformation occurring with the use of cloud technology. Words such as “revolutionary”, “game-changing” and “democratisation of technology” have all been used. Read More…

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

It is fair to say that most businesses today are heavily reliant on computer systems. Even if systems were to go down for a just short period of time, the impact on a business can range from financial loss to the worst possible scenario – loss of life. Read More…