Why it matters

Get back up and running in no time and thwart future attacks.

Security Assurance


Cyber threats are constantly changing and, as a result, it can be challenging to stay on top of all security needs. Assurance is all about prevention, risk management and having the right policies and governance in place to support you in an attack. We work as your trusted advisor to roadmap your risk management approach and benchmark this against industry best practices such as NZISM or ISO27001.

Incident Response

Most organisations will be the target of a cyber-attack at some stage. Our incident response team has several specialist consultants that all possess a wide range of best practice, technical and forensics skill sets. This team can assess how an incident occurred, provide malware analysis and recommend the steps required to minimise the impact; and get things up and running as quickly as possible. We can also provide a recommendation as to how to secure your business from further attacks.

Organisation Security Survey

Having robust information security in place is vital for any business operating in an online environment. With the full Organisation Security Survey, we look at several domains, such as network security, physical security and the disaster recovery process over a few weeks. We then equip you with a strategic document which outlines where your security policies are today and where they should be in a few years’ time to be a cyber mature organisation.

Gap Assessment

A Gap Assessment is a quick way to see the risks and prioritise which need to be addressed and when. Instead of outlining your strategic direction, like an Organisation Security Survey, it simply looks at how you stack up against a security framework to give you greater visibility in a shorter timeframe so you can plan ahead.


Information security policies that are effective are essential for businesses of all sizes and are fundamental to maintaining security. There isn’t much point in having the safest locks in the world if someone is going to leave the door open. Our team of experts help you get the right policies in place to protect your business.

“Since doing Aura’s developer training, our team has approached coding from a far more real attack-and-defence perspective, giving the system the security and robustness we need.”



Rod Drury, CEO - Xero