Why it matters

Specialist security staff futureproof your critical information.

Managed Security


With cyber threats evolving and growing at rapid speed, organisations are needing specialised skills to counter these dangers. At a time when security budgets are tight and some companies don’t have dedicated security teams, managed security offerings are quickly becoming an effective solution to keep your business secure.

Agile Security

Most development adopts an agile approach, which means needing to build security into sprint cycles at the same level of quality as a full product review. With a security program specially designed around agile methodology, we provide the right combination of training, reviewing and testing to keep your product secure.


Information continues to be valued as a critical asset but you can’t always manage the security risks to your information comprehensively. This is where the Aura Virtual Security Officer (VSO) comes in. The VSO can act as, or support, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and ensure the organisation is protecting its information and systems appropriately. Because it is a subscription-based model, you can bring a VSO on board for as little, or as long, as needed.

“In my experience, Aura have been awesome! They know what they’re doing, are easy to work with, do a fantastic job at a great price and nothing is ever a problem.”



Paula Keene, Applications Manager - FlyBuys NZ