Alignment with Protective Security Requirements (PSR)

Aura CyberEssentials (ACE) for PSR is specifically designed to ensure your organisation meets the strict criteria of the New Zealand Government's PSR. It combines the following services to ensure your people, data and assets are protected:


Confidentiality of your information and security issues is paramount. All our employees maintain a high level of professional integrity and adhere to Aura’s strict data governance and non-disclosure policies.



New threats and attacks emerge daily. Our consultants dedicate time to proactive research, many are associates of security advisories and are regularly invited to speak at IT security conferences around the world.



Aura works with a range of government customers, meaning we truly understand your unique requirements. Aura is a ‘Primary Supplier’ on all five categories within the DIA ICT Security & Related Services panel; and is also one of two CREST certified security providers in New Zealand.



We strive for perfection and an excellent reference from every project. We’re constantly building and refining our set of award-winning consulting and managed services.



Our best asset is our people. Our consultants are hand selected full-time employees, which means a consistently high standard for all our customers.



No matter what the job, we always have one thing in mind: delivering practical, pragmatic solutions that work for you.



Performed by our Virtual Security Officer (VSO) team, initial assessment and analysis is based around your agency’s previous PSR reporting (or an initial assessment in line with the PSR).


The VSO team will review and verify the reporting, in line with the PSR maturity model, across the protective security domains. This includes verifying the current capability levels and identifying ways in which capability could be lifted. Once initial assessment and analysis is complete, we provide you with a report in line with your PSR roadmap.

In recent years, increased focus has been placed on organisations’ critical controls and/or the mitigation strategies they have in place to help protect and defend against cyber-attacks.
Aura is able to offer tailored support and assessments in line with the following:


• ASD list of 37 Mitigation Strategies

• CIS 20 Critical Controls

• ASD Essential 8 / Top 4

• Aura Top 10 Critical Controls.


Selecting which controls are most appropriate for your agency is something our VSO team can work with you on. Aura can not only audit and validate your agency’s performance against your chosen controls list, we can also work with you on a pragmatic plan to support the implementation of critical security controls.




Following the initial analysis, or as part of a programme, the Aura VSO team can provide tailored and targeted support to assist you in achieving your PSR targets during the reporting period.


Aura has extensive experience in working with organisations on:


• Security Governance

• Information Security

• Personnel Security

• Physical Security


Additionally, Aura can offer a unique suite of offensive testing capabilities, including testing of physical security controls to validate progress and/or capabilities.


In an ever-evolving threat landscape, many businesses simply don’t know where to start. Our plan here combines a range of innovative solutions designed to help take the complexity and guesswork out of defending your department from attacks.



Aura’s VSO team can take virtual ownership of the PSR component of your annual report. Having conducted the initial analysis in line with your PSR roadmap, our VSO team will work alongside your agency throughout the reporting period and provide you with a draft PSR report (for your consideration). 


This service is not dependent on utilising Aura for the maturity and capability uplift activities, but allows you to leverage your appointed VSO as a trusted resource, and expert independent advisor, within your agency on a routine basis.

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