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A unique framework of services that significantly improves your business's security posture.

With a focus on the three security fundamentals; people, process and technology, Aura Cyber Essentials (ACE) is an information security service that provides a sound foundation of cyber security hygiene, designed to mitigate the risk from common internet-based threats.

Modern businesses connect to the Internet via multiple platforms, servers and devices - all of which are potential attack points. Carried out by our team of experts, an initial external network penetration test (boundary review assessment) will test external-facing assets across your business; and ensure any holes in your security armour are identified.

Staff are often the easiest way for cyber-criminals to gain access to a business' valuable assets.


Aura can create a test specific to your business that records your team's awareness against commonly-used phishing techniques, credential harvesting; or attachment attacks. Following this, you will receive a full report outlining recommended actions to help better protect your employees - and business - against attack.

Bad password practice amongst employees contributes to a large number of data breaches. Surprisingly '1,2,3,4,5,6' is still commonly used making a cyber-criminals job a lot easier.


We'll run a full password audit to test your users' password strength and protectively identify poor password practices that may compromise your business' security. 


We can also provide employee training sessions to ensure there is company-wide awareness of cyber security best practice.

Following the gap analysis and initial framework development, Aura will work with you to develop a roadmap of security activities to bring you up to agreed standards; and then assist your business in maintaining this on an ongoing basis.


Your people are your new security perimeter. Educating end users on the role they play in your business' security is absolutely crucial and can be easily implemented via our optional CyberWise online security training module. 
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