Why it matters

Cyber-attacks are not only becoming more frequent, they’re also becoming increasingly sophisticated - and harder to detect.

Defensive Security Services


In an ever-evolving threat landscape, many businesses simply don’t know where to start. Defensive Security combines a range of innovative solutions designed to help take the complexity and guesswork out of defending your business from cyber-attacks. By combining Kordia’s managed security services with Aura’s expert knowledge, we provide your business with a truly unique and robust security capability – so you can get on with what matters most to you.


Aura as part of Kordia can also introduce your business to the team that provides a wide range of MSSP (Managed Security service provider) network security services such as RedShield Web Application Firewall, Managed Firewall, Unified Security Management & Security Operations services.

Virtual Security Officer

Our specialist security team provides complete oversight of your security fabric. Many businesses cannot justify the cost associated with a dedicated Security Officer, so why not leverage our combined skills, experience and expertise.

Strategy & Governance

Having robust information security in place is vital for any business operating in an online environment. We work across several domains, such as network security, physical security and the disaster recovery process. We equip you with strategic security planning that outlines where your security practices are today and where they need to be to lift your maturity.

• Organisational Security
• Maturity Modelling
• Strategy Development

Policy & Compliance

Information security policies that are effective are essential for businesses of all sizes and are fundamental to maintaining security. There isn’t much point in having the safest locks in the world if someone is going to leave the door open. Our team of experts help you get the right policies in place to protect your business.

• Gap Analysis
• Security Compliance & Standards
• Risk Management
• Security Policy and Process

“Aura’s security review and the resulting recommendations really helped us improve our IT security systems and procedures.”


—Michael Potter, IT Manager Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd (Australia)