Why it matters

You run regular fire drills to ensure the safety of your employees, why wouldn’t you run a security drill to test the security of your other most valuable asset – your business information?

Cyber-Attack Testing


Despite spending a significant portion of their IT budget on security, many businesses still fall victim to cyber-attacks. 


If you want to give your end-to-end security posture a real workout, an ‘offensive’ security review is just the thing. An Aura ‘Red Team’ simulation exercise puts your business’ technology, people and processes to the ultimate test; and uses the very same techniques often used by cyber-criminals and hackers. Once complete, you can apply the learnings to remediate any deficiencies; and ensure you are spending your budget where it counts.

Red Teaming Cyber-Attack Simulation

An Aura Red Team exercise tests your physical, network and application security from a cyber-criminal's point of view. It also assesses how your employees respond and stand-up to a broad multi-layered attack from the Aura team - who throughout the exercise are thinking and acting like a real-life adversary. If you really want to give your business’ end-to-end security posture a real-life workout, then an Aura ‘offensive’ Red Team is ideal for you.

Penetration Testing

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it’s imperative you have a thorough understanding of your IT infrastructure; and maintain a clear roadmap for improving its security posture.

There are many reasons to undergo a network security assessment. Front-foot your security by conducting regular penetration tests to help identify vulnerabilities in your network or applications, before they can be exploited by attackers. Services Aura provides include:

• Network Boundary Security Testing
• Internal Network Review & Wi-Fi
• Remote Access Testing
• Application Security Testing
• Mobile Security Testing.

Physical Security Testing

You might be surprised how easy it is to gain physical access to your buildings and systems – without breaking down any doors.

Aura uses a wide range of methods - from tailgating staff to duplicating swipe cards or imitating suppliers - to gain access to key sources of data within the four walls of your premises.

Social Engineering & Phishing

Many cyber security breaches are not a result of a failure of technology, but rather exploiting human nature. Using social engineering, we test how susceptible your employees are to persuasive or deceitful manipulation – through social media, email or by phone.

This not only test your defences, it also provides valuable information on how to improve your security posture. For example, we can advise on any training that is required to plug potential holes in your security and ensure your staff know how to spot, and deal with, any potential threats.

“In the real world, your security posture will be tested by malicious agents. We can do the same, but under controlled conditions. This is one of the best ways to understand your vulnerabilities, and prepare your business for the eventual attacks.”



—Frans Lategan, Principal Security Consultant