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New All of Government ICT Security & Related Services Panel

Aura InfoSec a Primary Supplier For All Five Categories

Aura Information Security has been named as a Primary supplier across all five categories of the newly formed All of Government ICT Security and Related Services (SRS) Panel.Announced in October, the SRS Panel is a group of industry experts contracted to provide government agencies with ICT services and advice on a range of security and privacy practices.

The Panel consists of 40 service providers, of those Aura Information Security is one of 10 to be selected as a Primary supplier across all categories. These are:

• InfoSec Risk Management and Assessment
• InfoSec Security Governance and Strategy
• InfoSec Assurance
• Source Code, Application Review and Technical Testing
• ICT Forensics, Investigation and Security Incident Response

Commenting on the launch of the new SRS Panel, DIA General Manager Chris Webb said “Agencies today are operating in a security conscious environment. The new Panel gives agencies greater flexibility in engaging with the security service provider community to help agencies better understand and reduce their risk profile.”

The new SRS Panel comes with several additional benefits, including:

• A new online portal of suppliers, replacing the traditional paper-based service catalogue
• Flexibility to complete an assignment spanning multiple service categories using services offered by one service provider
• Improved supplier-to-Lead Agency reporting
Any agencies wanting to use the Panel services do not need to undertake a full procurement process. The lead agency (the Department of Internal Affairs) has procured the services on behalf of all agencies and has signed a Lead Agency Agreement with each of the service providers. Agencies can select a service provider(s) using an appropriate secondary procurement process.

More information can be found on the ICT SRS Panel page

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