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Online training to help keep your employees and business secure


Course Overview

When it comes to online security, people are the new perimeter. In the past businesses would often rely on technology and processes to protect their confidential information; firewalls and security gateways were the heart of most organisations’ security infrastructure. This course is an online cyber-security training programme developed specifically for employees. CyberWise uses intelligence gathered by our dedicated team of security advisors to provide practical and useful security advice and training.


This course is suitable for

  • All existing employees
  • Any new staff as part of their inductions









Education and Awareness

Training staff on how to identify common attack techniques.

Visibility and reporting

Easily see who’s completed the training, when and how well they did.

Industry Best Practice

Incudes the same expert advise we provide to some of New Zealand's largest organisations and government departments.

Cost Effective

For a low per user fee, CyberWise can help train and educate your employees to help ensure they aren’t unknowingly opening the door to cyber criminals.

Simple and self paced

Your employees complete the training module online, in their own time.

Organisation wide

A company-wide training approach to cyber-security to create an equal level of cyber-security understanding within your business.

CyberWise is a subscription-based tool that is available online, or can be added as a content module to your own Learning Management System (LMS) if your business has one.

The content is always available so you can quickly train your existing workforce, or any other staff as part of their induction. Employees can also re-take the training at any time to refresh their knowledge.

And, as things move fast in the world of online security, content is updated regularly by our security experts to help ensure relevant changes in the threat landscape are included.

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