Design Strong Encryption Methods

Cryptography Training

Fundamentals of cryptography, key management, and implementation.

Course Overview

Confused with all the three letter acronyms? RSA, DSA, AES, SHA, RC4, CBC, ECB... During this course, we will introduce fundamental cryptographic concepts, discuss details of the various algorithms and protocols including hashing, symmetric ciphers, public key cryptography and hybrid cryptographic systems. Also, real world cryptographic systems with weakness will be discussed to highlight important decisions that need to be made when designing and implementing cryptography.

This course is suitable for

  • Web Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • System Administrators
10 Minutes

Introduction & Welcome

Introductions, general housekeeping and setup.
1.5 Hours

Crypto Fundamentals

This section focuses on understanding the mathematic principles and concepts required to implement cryptography securely. Real world examples will be used to highlight weaknesses in common cryptographic implementations.
1.5 Hours

Secure Design & Implementation

This section focuses on understanding which algorithms and protocols should be used to address specific privacy or security requirements.
30 Minutes

Questions & Wrap-up

Our trainers answer any questions, clarify any covered security topics or re-cap any of the day’s content.